Saturday, February 26, 2011

BECKY JOY FINE ART sunset oil landscape

5x7 oil on canvas panel Sky #51
I went up to Prescott yesterday to give a demo at Mountain Artists Guild. I thought I was totally prepared, but I forgot my tripod. I was trying to pack as light as possible thinking they would have an easel for me to use, but no. So, I managed to paint on a 16x20 canvas for the demo. My position for painting was a little difficult, so I certainly wouldn't consider it one of my best demos. But I think everyone got something out of it, so that is good.
I painted this one today in the studio from an old photo. The field was a variety of warm colors with the late afternoon sun.  The light was hitting the trees and the tops of the fence posts. A really nice scene.
We poured concrete this week for an addition to the house and then driving to Prescott yesterday, I'm pretty tired now and not doing much of anything. Hopefully, Mon I'll be back in the swing of things.
I'll talk to you all tomorrow.
Becky Joy

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