Thursday, February 24, 2011

still life lighter painting from Dailypaintworks challenge by BECKY JOY

For the Campfire  6x6 oil on canvas panel

 This was certainly a challenge for me. I don't own any small brushes for detail. It was a lot of negative painting to get some smaller edges. I remember now why I don't want to paint detail. Not a lot of fun for me, but the challenge was good for me. It has been a long time since I have done a still life and even longer since I have used ultramarine, burnt sienna and white for a limited palette. I had to dig up an old tube of burnt sienna for this. I haven't had that in the palette for a long time either. About time I used most of it up anyway.
This has been the challenge on the dailypaintworks.  I thought I would do a few challenges to get more work out there more and to challenge myself with things that I don't usually paint.
Anyway, check out the site.
I'm still working on the website. So, I guess for right now this is where my work will be.
I have a workshop in Pasadena, CA for June and a one day plein air in AZ. Check out my workshops at There are still some openings.
Becky Joy

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