Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BECKY JOY desert plein air oil landscape

Winter Farm  11x14 plein air oil on canvas panel
 I painted this one a couple of days ago in Northern AZ. The green of the spring grass hasn't started yet, just a lot of beautiful ocher and gray colors. At first I didn't have enough depth in the painting. The background trees were too close with detail and the color didn't recede enough. So I reworked that. I really liked the warm sunlight on the house. I painted the windows a warmer and lighter color than what I really saw. That helps to keep the illusion of the strong sunlight on the side of the house. We are, after all, painting an illusion.

I've still been preoccupied with the website. I have someone setting up part of it right now, too big of a job for me. I wanted something special and different with it. I plan on having it up this week if all goes well.
Talk to you all later,

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