Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Becky Joy oak trees plein air oil painting

Oaks 5x7 oil plein air

I painted this in my son's neighborhood this morning while visiting him and his family in Austin, TX.
It's kind of nice painting something besides desert. The weather should be good again tomorrow so that I can get out. My son is making a map for me with some suggestions. So we'll see where I go, I don't know yet.

I spent the afternoon helping my grandaughter paint her second oil painting today. Last year when I visited she painted her first. It was a struggle. She's 6 now. First, I let her pick out a toy that she wanted to paint. We sat Belle down on the patio table so that she was backlit. My grandaughter had her first lesson in squinting. The painting turned out much better proportions than the drawing did. She was amazed at the shapes that she saw when she squinted and the colors looked right then too. Tomorrow I will be painting with the four year old, that should be interesting.
Belle by Lauren

Becky Joy

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