Monday, April 11, 2011

"Bougainvillea Blossoms", 5x7 watercolor by Stevie Denny

I've been doing small studies in advance of doing a large painting of bougainvillea blossoms.  I like the bright colors on the bougainvillea that bloom most of the year, and they survive the brutally hot summers here in central Arizona.  It's always a delight to look out my kitchen window and see their vivid colors.  It's quite a challenge to paint the blossoms rather than the entire bush -- their intricate shapes require a lot of study, and I've drawn them many times to become familiar with their shapes.  I have a feeling this composition will change many times as I work toward a large painting.

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Urban Art by Melody said...

Nice job Stevie - I love the colors and the background a lot!

Bev Koldon said...

Love this one, Stevie. The colors are to die for!!