Monday, April 4, 2011

Floral Still life oil painting by Becky Joy

An 18x14 oil still life. The painting has been sold. After blocking the painting in, I left parts of the block-in as it was. I find that if I start painting over the whole painting that I loose much of my design. I lot of the darks have been painted once. This was a patterned piece of fabric that I used keeping just a suggestion of the design.
I am in Austin, TX right now and was going to go out painting this morning with Sara Winters. But, it was raining and windy, very windy all day, so we called it off. I hope to get out tomorrow morning for some painting and more later in the week. I did bring green paint with me.
I found out from a friend in Arizona that I had a painting at the Arizona Plein Air Painters annual show in Sedona that received an honorable mention. That was unexpected nice news to get.

I'll post as soon as I can, but schedule makes posting difficult. Talk to you all later.
Becky Joy

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