Wednesday, April 6, 2011

plein air painting trip to Texas by Becky Joy

Today's 9x12 of a farm in the Hill Country, bugs and all

I also painted another yesterday and one this afternoon, all 9x12. By this afternoon I was painting crooked posts on the house. Maybe it was the crooked fence.
Then it was Lily, the four year old's turn to paint. Now, I have to admit, she got a little more help. It was more of a lesson in patience for me! Lily is in training as shoe-holic. She picked out her favorite purple shoes to paint.

9x12 yesterday's farm ptg.

The crooked house 9x12

Lillian's purple shoes 6x6 ready for Randy's next 6" Squared show.

I'll be out around Fredericksburg tomorrow. The last day of painting before I leave. Saturday is the zoo!
Becky Joy

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