Saturday, April 16, 2011

Superstitions oil plein air workshop by Becky Joy

8x10 oil on canvas panel 

This is a demo painting from the workshop at the Superstition Mountains from yesterday. The class went very well and I think everyone was pleased with what they learned in one day. I gave out a lot of information and handouts to help digest all of it. The biggest thing, of course, will be to practice and paint, paint, paint.

The three days before this one day workshop, I held a workshop in Casa Grande, AZ to a full class. It was a great group of excited students that were eager to learn. I really enjoyed them and will be back again next year. Below are some of the workshop photos. I didn't have time to photograph the demos. I have one of three left. Each of the three days I did a different demo. This was a studio workshop, so I painted a still life, a landscape and a sunset, showing how I would approach each subject. Each person selected their own subject matter and we also set up a still life.

I'm getting ready to take off this next week for Gadsden, AL where I will be participating in their plein air event. I'm really excited about it and seeing a different part of the country.

Setting up for the workshop.
We were beating the Arizona heat in the afternoon by setting up under the ramada.

I'm planning on setting up another three day plein air workshop for this summer in Northern Arizona where we can escape the heat. If you are interested in Prescott or Sedona email me and let me know.

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