Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arizona cave creek jewel oil landscape by BECKY JOY

Jewel of the Creek 6"x6" oil 

Well, back to painting in the studio today. I started this painting a couple of months ago using an 8x10 plein air that I had painted on Cave Creek. I liked the colors in the painting, but felt that the composition was all over the place. In this painting I simplified the composition.
When I first started painting this one, it was a frustrating day. It just seemed liked nothing was going right. One of those bad painting day. After wiping the painting off two or three times, I took a paper towel to it and wiped off where I wanted the light. Those shapes gave me the lights for the composition. So, it was back to this and pick it up today.

I just got my Alyson Stanfield book, "I'd Rather Be in the Studio". I have her previous book and really liked it. This is the updated version. I spent some time last night reading it. This version has updated information on social media and the internet. Fist step, I need to get more organized. When I came home from this trip, I felt a little parlyzed with so many things to get done. I think its list time. I did finish my online traffic school and passed the test. Thank goodness that is over. I hate having things like that hanging over me.

I still have openings in my workshop in Pasadena, 3 days of plein air for $150.

Talk to y'all later.
Becky Joy

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