Tuesday, June 28, 2011

zion mt. carmel utah plein air oil painting by BECKY JOY

These two plein air painting, 6x8 are available on my website.
I painted both of these on my plein air trip to Zion. The canyon piece was the first of the day in a marathon painting day from dawn to dusk, too tired for a nocturnal piece.
I painted a larger painting today from the canyon piece. It has taken me several days. With the heat at 115 degrees the last two days in Phoenix, I have found it difficult to have the energy to do anything. I'll just keep at it, just slower.
When I was in Coeur d'Alene, I had an art rep approach me. I have wavered on how I feel about it. At times I think it would be great to have someone take over part of the business from me, but on the other hand, I feel a loss of control and not sure if it would be in the direction that I want to go. It has been and continues to be so important to me to improve as an artist and I'm not sure that that can happen with a rep.
Well, talk to you all tomorrow.
Becky Joy

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