Thursday, July 21, 2011

American Impressionist Society acceptance, Becky Joy

I just found out that my painting, The Source, was accepted into the 12th annual National show of the American Impressionist Society held at Mountainsong Galleries in Carmel, Oct 15-Nov 15, 2001.

I'm thrilled that I got into the show. I was debating on it because I had not joined the group yet. After talking to my friend, Deb Groesser, about it, I joined and entered this one and got in! Thanks Deb! Deb got into the show too, so we will be meeting in Carmel.

I've been painting for a new gallery in Jackson Hole, Wy. I just finished everything, framed and partially packed. I'll finish the packing tomorrow. Now, I need to get some more work done for another gallery. That's a good thing.

Talk to you all later.

Becky Joy

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