Friday, July 15, 2011

Farm field sunset oil painting by Becky Joy

Sunset Fields 11x14 
Hi everyone,
I have this painting on hold right now. I think it has a destination.
I started with a photo of tree shapes. No, actually I started with the sky as a sunset. The sun was on the side where the trees are. Then I decided to put some trees into the painting. They kept growing, soon I wiped out the sky and kept the trees. Then, I needed to fit a landscape with the trees. I decided to put the fields in with a little irrigation water catching the light of the sun. I've always liked those glints of light in the fields. Lastly, I painted the sky with the sun peaking through the clouds. Anyway, the painting ended as something entirely different that what I started with. It doesn't always turn out successful when heading in that direction, but this one worked.

Tomorrow my guest post will be on 7Sentences . Check it out for Sat., about inspiration.

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