Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Impressionist oil sunset landscape painting by BECKY JOY

The Colors of Sunset 11x14 oil $600. Click here to purchase.

Hi all,

I had a lot of fun painting this one, playing in the paint. I did a lot of adjusting the color temperature and the values until I got it just right. I seem to do that with sunsets. I've been in the mood for roads lately too. I like that little bit of light on the road in the distance. That adds a lot to the painting. I usually like to have a  secondary focal point, adding more interest. In the foreground a lot of the paint that I add for texture is my left over grays. I think the variety in texture with smooth and thick create more interest and depth in the painting.

I've had a few emails lately asking about my paintings, wondering what I work on and the brands of paint that I use. I paint mostly on canvas panels that I make myself. I do paint on linen also. Most of my oil paints are classic oil and gamblin. Both have a buttery feel. Gamblin is more expensive, but you get what you pay for. The pigment is much more concentrated and really nice color to work with. I'm still working on more paintings for a gallery. So, back to the easel.

Talk to you all later,


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