Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BECKY JOY Alabama plein air farm painting

Time 11x14 oil on canvas panel.
Hi everyone,
I'm not getting a lot of painting done this week. I have two plein air events and a workshop to prepare for. So, for now I am posting the paintings from the plein air in Gadsden that I participated in earlier this summer (during the tornado, but that is another story). I just received the paintings in the mail so I had the chance to look at them again and a couple of them make adjustments. I also pitched two of them. They didn't look so good at second glance.
The day I painted this one, I was painting at a farm in Gadsden, Alabama. After finishing one painting, I went down the road and saw this old abandoned farm. I love the old buildings with a history and story. I’m not sure what the last use was. The top looked like a house, the bottom like a lean-to barn. Anyway, the blue/violets of the structure contrasted with the wild yellow flowers in the field. The vine was growing up the chimney and the fence posts were falling down. All things that I love to paint, that wild, unkept look.

When I got this one home, I deepened the value on the building and grayed the background trees a little more. I also added a little more variety in the grasses in the foreground.

Talk to you all later.

Becky Joy

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