Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Icon of the West, old truck in field Plein Air

old Truck, The End? 6x8 oil plein air

Hi everyone, Good to be feeling good! Last weekend I started my drive up to Cheyenne to participate in the plein air event, Peaks to Prairies. I was looking forward to some cooler weather and painting in the area. On my way up there, I stopped along a road near Taos to paint this little painting.
All was going well on the trip, then in Colorado Springs I got off the freeway for gas and had an accident. My car was totaled, I was dazed and fortunate. I walked out with a scratch on my knuckle and just plain ol' sore. I had to get a ride to the rental cars, transfer all my stuff as I had the last glimpse of my car.
I called off the plein air event. I felt that I would be too sore to be of much good for a few days. I find that when I paint a lot at an event my neck and shoulder muscles get really sore and I knew that I would have more soreness and stiffness in the following few days and it was a long drive home to Phoenix. I turned around and started back taking it slower and planning more days to get home.
The next day between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, my rental  car broked down on the freeway at rush hour. So, it was call the rental company again, get a tow truck, new car and transfer my stuff all over again. I finally got to Albuquerque for the night, went to a nice dinner, had a drink and got to bed (but didn't sleep well).
I then continued my trip home in the third car and finally made it home late at night. Yesterday, I slept a lot and feel really good today.
So, I was wondering, is the plein air of the old truck just appropriate or an omen?
Talk to you later. Back to business and painting now and looking for a new car.

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