Monday, September 5, 2011

Northwest plein air show oil painting by BECKY JOY

Approaching Fall 6x8" oil 
I'm finally back home from my Oregon trip, visiting family, friends and participating in the plein air show in Hood River along the gorge. I met some new friends and got to know some a little better. It was a great trip. I really enjoyed all of it.  I stayed with a couple on the Washington side of the river, a beautiful home and very nice enjoyable couple.
We painted for 5 days in a different location each day, a vineyard, a working farm, trust property, along the river at a park (which is the location of this painting), and the marina, which I didn't participate in that day. I went back to my parents to visit family. Each location was unique and beautiful. All that I painted were small. I was very limited on size and packed my frames in my suitcase, which of course meant that my clothes were really at a minimum. It was more the painting things than personal belongings. I got the important stuff there. I think if I did it again I would ship a little larger frames up there beforehand. I feel more comfortable painting 8x10 to 11x14 when painting in plein air. Oh well, I learned and it wasn't bad, but I would have liked the bigger canvases better. Also, I forgot to take some good photos of the paintings that I left there for the show.
I had talked to my good friend Jerry Fenter, an artist and writer that lives on the gorge. (Actually, we met for coffee that turned into lunch). Jerry told me that I should try to get up to Mount Adams to see the wildflowers. The day after I finished painting I took my mom and her walker on a 1 1/2 mile hike up the mountain to the meadows at the flanks of Mt. Adams. Jerry was right. The flowers were absolutely spectacular this year. I didn't paint since I was with my mom, but got plenty of photos that I may work on for some paintings.

Here is a waterfall about 30' high that I walked down into. It looked like a grotto with all the green on the floor.

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