Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still life roses oil painting by Becky Joy

Roses and Grapes 8x10 oil.
Hi everyone!
This is a painting that had been around for a while, but not finished. Today I took it out of storage and added a few details and a little more color in places. It was a fun piece to paint with the leaves going every which way.
I've been trying to clean up things in the studio. Way too many unfinished projects along with desk work piling up.  I'm probably pretty typical in that I get everything cleaned up and organized, then...... Oh, well. I guess that's the way I am.
I'll probably post something tomorrow that has been unfinished in storage also. Check out the new website with a guest post by Expressionist painter and life coach, Diane Olsen, at
Talk to you all later.
Becky Joy

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