Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arizona Centennial Painting Project by Becky Joy

This is a post on my 5 C's Art Project blog. A project and art exhibitions celebrating the Arizona Centennial.
Follow our visual journey as we paint about the 5 C's,  5 C's Art Project.

Cotton, Irrigation is On, oil 11"x14" by Becky Joy

Irrigation in the Arizona desert is vital to the growing of cotton. Once the cotton is about ready to harvest, the water is turned off and the green plants die leaving the white balls of cotton ready to pick. By 1920 cotton had become a major crop in Arizona during WWI, replacing much of the other crops that were produced. When the war ended, the cotton boom ended. During and after WWII there was a resurgence of Arizona cotton eventually with the planting of  as many as 400,000 acres. It is still an important crop in Arizona with many remaining fields in the Casa Grande area.

Becky Joy

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