Friday, January 20, 2012

Sunset oil landscape daily painting by Arizona Artist Becky Joy

Sunset Serenade oil 6"x6" 

 This is another painting from my imagination. I wanted to have a green sky. The pink clouds contrast nicely with it.
Today I had a great painting day. I finished two small paintings that are being set aside for the 5 C's art project for the Arizona Centennial. I also finished a large painting of aspen trees that had been sitting aside in the studio waaaay too long. I saw that a painter has one day a week to finish unfinished paintings. I wonder if I could be that organized? Nah!!
Tonight I'm going down to Scottsdale for the art walk and to see the Putney Painters Exhibit at Legacy Gallery. I'll let you know about it later.
Becky Joy

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