Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plein air Best of Show at Glendale, AZ

Hi everyone, 
I've had a great week, but busy one. I've had two commissions to finish, which should be tomorrow. Today I took some time off to do to a plein air event in Glendale, AZ. The city hosts a one day plein air show. Last night I decided I had better go to it, because they had some good prizes. I painted two paintings, the first in the old town area of a couple of houses. I spent too much time on it and was off a little on the perspective. Time didn't help it. The second one I went out to Saguaro Ranch Park which is an old farm and citrus orchard. There are also various old buildings and farm equipment. I'm always a sucker for old stuff and junk. I found an old tractor and had a great time painting it. I was really fortunate to get Best of Show and win $1000. So, it was a great day!
Old Tractor 11"x14" oil 

Red Rocks 9"x12" oil 
Reflection 11"x14" oil 
The Fence 8"x10" oil
I found out this week that all three of the paintings, The Fence, Reflection and Red Rocks were accepted to the Salon International Show at Greenhouse Gallery. This is my third year in the show. Such a treat to be in the show. The gallery really respects and treats the artists so well. Also, such an honor to be among some really fine artists.

Becky Joy

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Stevie Denny said...

Congratulations, Becky -- nice paintings!