Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arizona artist Becky Joy, fence & trees oil landscape painting

The Path 9x12 oil 

Hello everyone!

 This morning I went out painting at North Mountain Park in Phoenix. I found a place in a wash to paint the wash and a palo verde tree. I found it to very frustrating. I had no yellow in my paints. Not good! I tried, but it was just too limited of a palette, especially trying to create sunlight. So, I wiped some of the painting off and have a simple composition. I decided I will go out there tomorrow and try it again. I made sure and got the yellow in my backpack now. After all that, I came back to the studio and painted another painting.

 This painting is reminiscent of a Montana scene that I saw of a fence off in a field. I worked with the composition and came up with the path leading to the break of the fence and into the woods. This gives a sense of mystery. I wanted the feeling of full afternoon sun.

 Becky Joy

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