Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oil painting River landscape by BECKY JOY

"Flowing River" oil 6x6" 

 Hi everyone, I started this painting as an example for one of my students in my online workshop to show her a couple of points. This morning I looked at it and liked what I had started. So I repainted it and filled it out more having my daily painting done. I actually had to almost paint a third one. When I took it outside to photograph, I promptly dropped it in the dirt. Don't you hate it when that happens? And, it wasn't even a plein air painting.

I used what I call "simultaneous colors" in painting this. I mix like values of different colors and use them together in a single brushstroke. I have been using this technique more and more. I started painting this way a little about 2 years ago, but I found that I was too skimpy with the paint. Now, I'm trying to paint like I'm a "millionaire". Well, it sounds good.

I will be taking off for Tucson early on Thursday morning for a four day workshop with Kenn Backhaus. I'm really excited about it. I took a workshop from him about 8 years ago or so at the Scottsdale aritsts school. So, I know that he is a fabulous teacher. I'll let you know all about it.

This and all of my small paintings comes with a black wrought iron display easel.

Becky Joy

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