Saturday, May 12, 2012

AZteki by Jake Beckman

AZteki by Jake Beckman

AZteki by Arizona bird artist Jake Beckman Red tail hawk soars above abstract background
AZteki is an original acrylic painting on stretched canvas. The work is 24x18x3/4 inches. The work is painted on the edges so it may be hung without a frame.  AZteki is by  AZ contemporary bird artist Jake Beckman. In AZteki Jake is bringing some Arizona flavor to the Binary Birds art series. The red tail hawk is evocative of the desert southwest as are the colors in the painting, shades of warm browns, orange, pink, violet and yellow. The strand of binary in the painting reads "AZteki".  

Binary Birds, by Jake Beckman - art that proudly projects you are member of the Social Media Tribe. A geek-y, nerd-y look at Social Media and other forms of electronic communication in the modern fully connected world.

If you would like to see more detail about the art or perhaps buy it, please see its page on Jake's website

"Currently I create acrylic paintings in various sizes based of Birds and ASCII Binary based on lighthearted observations of Social Media and Pop Culture. Come Experience the Art!"
-Jake Beckman
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