Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Golden Light by Jake Beckman

Golden Light by AZ expressionist painter jake beckman a crane stands in a marsh watching the sun rise
Golden Light is an original acrylic painting on paper. The work is 11x14 inches. It is mounted in an 20x16 white single mat and placed in a narrow brown wood corporate style frame. Golden Light is by  AZ expressionist bird artist Jake Beckman. Golden Light is about the golden hour, the time around sunrise or sunset, when the atmosphere scatters the cooler shades of the spectrum resulting in a less intense, warmer lighting.  The circadian timing is one of just waking up to start the day, or winding down for the evening-a calmer less intense part of the day. In Golden Light, a crane wades through the water, just lifting its head to note the passage of two of its fellows as the sun is about to rise. The colors are shades gray, yellow and rosy pink. 
The Magical Realism series is explores Jake's continuing fascination with mythology, magical thinking and fantasy. "The world does not have unicorns, dragons, fairies, talking dogs, and a great many other things I have dreamed of, but perhaps it should. I paint the world as it should be, not as it is."-Jake

If you would like to see more detail about the art or perhaps buy it, please see its page on Jake's website.

"Currently I create acrylic paintings in various sizes based of Birds and ASCII Binary based on lighthearted observations of Social Media and Pop Culture. Come Experience the Art!"
-Jake Beckman

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