Monday, May 21, 2012

"Reflection in Red" by Li Hua Mahalik

Mixed Media, 24x24

This is one of the three paintings still in progress. I feel like I need to define the forms, big and small, a little better with lines and saturated colors. But an abstract like this is a work define by when the artist decides it's done. Before then, the image on the canvas can come and go like clouds in the sky. The more you can preserve, the closer you can call it finished. 
 21 paintings of mine are being shown in the Grinder's Coffee Shop at Central and Dunlap in Phoenix. These are a mixture of traditional and abstract paintings;
 great gifts for any occasions and are priced reasonably.
So, please come visit and enjoy a great cup of coffee and sandwiches. The show will last till 6/6/12. 
My friends, painters, Gloria Cuadraz, Vanya Allison and Sven Helle will be showing their work separately in July, september and December. I'll keep you posted.

Please also visit my blog and website. Thank you!

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