Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Lily In A Glass Vase" by Li Hua Mahalik

oil on board, 14x11

After a while, I thought I must have been nuts to paint such delicate flowers. Sunflowers are a lot easier; with many little petals, a few quick brush strokes with different shades of yellow will do the job. But a lily has only 5 petals and each has very delicate colors and design. Painting them made me feel humbled. 
I have also learned a lot about painting a plate. The edge of the plate going from the dark side to the light side is one continuous line. The transition from dark to light is a little tricky as it takes a lot of patience and steady hand to get it right. The temperature change is delicate and you need to clean the brush often. Since I didn't, it made me a bit frustrated. And so I learned.
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Maryann Baisley said...

I love the stems in your vase so nicely done.

Li Mahalik said...

Thanks, Maryann. Sometimes the part that we spend the least time turns to be the best, because the color stays true.