Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 16, Project 125 Oregon Barn Painting by BECKY JOY

© 2013 Becky Joy    Oregon Barn 1908     oil     6 inches x 6 inches  

This morning I met with Ramona Youngquist, an Oregon painter just living down the road from my family, to go painting. I followed her to an old abandoned farm that she has been painting at since last spring. There were so many paintings there. The views were fantastic and the old house was great. I told her it looked like a "Romona" house. This painting is about texture and shapes. The composition, obviously is simple. I loved the bright yellow-green moss and the peeling paint.

Below are a couple more painting from today. The view, a lot of wineries around this area. In fact, this piece of property was bought by one of the wineries.

© 2013 Becky Joy   Turn of the Century House    oil 8 inches x 10 inches

© 2013 Becky Joy     Farm Tree      oil     11 inches x 14 inches


Hood River, OR 1 day plein air  Sept 4
 I just had a cancellation for my Mississippi workshop Nov 3 - 5
Tuscany, Italy   June 7 - 14, 2014

Talk to you tomorrow.

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Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Amy, thanks so much for stopping by the blog! Your paintings are beautiful - I absolutely love the calming pastel-like colors. They're the perfect balance of cute and soft, if you know what I mean!