Saturday, June 22, 2013

Twin Lakes, the Lake Tahoe Day 10, Project 125 BECKY JOY

day 10, twin lakes, ca
© 2013 Becky Joy   Twin Lakes, CA   oil on panel    6 inches x 6 inches

I started at Twin Lakes and ended at Lake Tahoe, what a difference. Actually, I was in Tahoe all day getting here last night at my friend, Michele de Braganca's house. We went out painting today at Obexer's Boat Yard. I've heard there are several artists that have painted there, a lot of material. I intended on painting a small one after the larger painting that I painted, but I was wiped out and layed down in the camper after the painting below. I had this one painting from the day before that I thought I would add today for #10.
© 2013 Becky Joy    Obexer's Boat Yard     oil     8 inches x 10 inches

I was drawn to the shapes in this scene first thing and then all the color in and around the boats. I kept my hard edges for the boats and around them.
I'm hurrying to get this post done so that we can all go to a soltice party on the lake. It should be great with the BIG moon tonight. Have a great weekend everyone. Talk to you tomorrow.
Becky Joy

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