Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 24, Leaving Willamette Valley Oregon BECKY JOY

day24 Willamette Valley painting
© 2013 Becky Joy   Willamette Valley Farm   oil on panel  6 inches x 6 inches
OK, I'm falling down on the blogging job, not the painting job. The blogging is much harder!
I'm on the road again. I was busy yesterday working on and finishing my ebook. I now have a pdf ebook, How to Create Better Paintings Using Foundational Concepts. I went through the formatting for Amazon and have wasted some time there uploading it 3 times. I've read the directions, but I'm still having trouble with images....later.

I had an eventful day yesterday or maybe it was Friday. I found out that my painting, Strength and Serenity was accepted to the American Impressionist Society Show. I painted this painting while I was in Yosemite. Nothing like working on a deadline, 2 days to spare! I knew when I left that I didn't have anything to enter and was kind of sweating it. Made it, Yay! Below is the painting Strength and Serenity.
I painted another painting here in Eastern Oregon where I am now, but it was too dark to photograph. So, it will probably be two images tomorrow.
© 2013 Becky Joy  Strength and Serenity   oil   11 inches x 14 inches
Time to log off and get to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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