Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 33 and 34, Project 125 Painting the Desert Colors | BECKY JOY

© 3013 Becky Joy  Day 33, Sunset Palo Verde    oil   6 inches x 6 inches     $125.

Well, I am having a hard time getting to all the posting as I said. Consistent posting was also a goal of mine in this project. I figured it would be a long enough project to get some habits going here. Maybe. This is another painting playing with color. I'm also trying to simplify the brush strokes, which is much easier to do with small paintings than large.

© 2013 Becky Joy    Day 34, Reflections     oil     6 inches x 6 inches    $125.

This is actually from an old painting that I did about 3 years ago. I no longer have the painting, but I do have a photograph. The colors aren't a lot different, but I have loosened up a lot. I would say that my strokes are much more confident. It is hard to get those loose strong brushstrokes without putting some miles behind the brush and feel confident in what you're doing. I remember hearing "paint with confidence". Easy said, when there is so little that you know.

It has been very hot here in Phoenix now, Of course, it's summer. Surprise! We had a good monsoon storm last night, wine, rain, lightening, the works. It's exciting with the weather change like that. I didn't even have to water the lawn today. Yay!

I just got my flyer for the Tuscany workshop. If you sign up before Sept 1, 2013,  you will save a substantial amount on the trip. If you are interested in more details, email me at My workshops are either full or very close to being filled, so make sure to sign up if you are thinking about signing up. workshops

Talk to you all tomorrow.