Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 39, Drifting white clouds plein air oil landscape painting by BECKY JOY

© 2013 Becky Joy     Day 39, Clouds      oil    6 inches x 6 inches    $125.

 Hi everyone,
I didn't paint yesterday. I had a family situation come up and went to my daughter's late on Thursday night. Yesterday I spent the whole day there. She has been having a difficult time lately. She has three children, has been going to school full time, 4 years and now starting her last year. This summer she has been going through a divorce which, like a lot of cases, hasn't been easy. She needed my help yesterday, so I put the paints and computer away and went over there to help. Everything is better, but we are all tired. My oldest grandson is off to football camp in CA now (his second year of varsity as a sophmore and a great kid). The next one, a young teenage girl has been off doing girl things with a friend, each staying overnight at each other's houses (and last night I took them to the movies). The youngest girl who will be in the third grade has just been playing with her neighborhood friend, back and forth to each others homes. All is well there and now all is well with my daughter. I cleaned, made dinner and took some pressure off of her for the day.

So, on to my painting today. I took it easy today, went out on my back patio and painted the passing clouds, a peaceful scene. I also gathered four paintings and frames that I will be shipping off to the Good Art Company Gallery in Fredericksburg, TX. That was the extent of my day and I don't think I'll be making up the painting I missed yesterday. In the scheme of things, big deal. I may have one or two less paintings.

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Have a good weekend and I'll talk to you all tomorrow.
Becky   Joy

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