Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Asilomar Beach, CA plein air oil landscape paintings 5x7" oils $100. each

out to sea
Out to Sea 5 x 7 oil   $100.
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Incoming Tide
Incoming Tide 5x7 oil plein air  $100. (I need take a new photo tomorrow. The shadows are the easel)
I had planned to start yesterday, but was ill-prepared. I forgot to throw in a new tube of white paint.
Needless to say, it made it difficult to paint. I had a scraper yesterday and gave up. I waited until the Gamblin booth opened and picked up a big tube of white along with some other colors. In these paintings I used their new grays and whites: cool & warm white, warm portland gray, cool portland gray, and buff titanium. I really had a fun time mixing and painting with all those grays. It was a good day working with grays. It'll help me to prepare for Art in the Open in Ireland.
I'll start posting some more tomorrow. All of these paintings will be 5x7, $100. each.
Talk to you all later.

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