Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Becky Joy

MORNING 5x7 oil/canvas panel
Today was a great morning out painting, my third day painting in Yamhill County, OR. I feel like I was getting in the groove. I haven't done any plein air painting for a while since I live in Arizona (it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hot for that). The weather has been great, except that the Oregonians have been complaining that it is too hot. They don't know what hot is. I think it is wonderful.

I drove down the road from my parents about 5 to 7 miles and I was out in the country with little farms dotting the landscape. The light in this scene was just starting to come over the trees hitting a little of the shed and the field in front of it. Great atmosphere to paint here.

I'll be out there again tomorrow morning, then probably off to Portland to visit friends.

Talk to yo all later.


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