Thursday, March 3, 2011

BECKY JOY plein air oil landscape of Cave Creek.

8x10 plein air oil on canvas panel
I painted this one yesterday at Spur Cross Ranch along Cave Creek. I was with some friends painting and forgot to bring my paints on the hike down to the stream. I didn't want to go back and borrowed from a friend. You really don't feel good about borrowing too much paint, so it was a little scimpy on the painting. So I finished it up today with a little more paint and took out some light that I had in the right foreground, recomposing the painting. It was just a little too scattered with light. I was having a good time with the color here. All in all, a good day.

Also, I have openings in my workshops both in Pasadena, CA and at the Superstitions in AZ. Both are plein air workshops.

Talk to you all later,
Becky Joy

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