Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New art blog by Becky joy

5x7 oil on canvas panel

This is such a simple scene, but for some reason I was having a difficult time painting. Some days are just like that. I redid almost all of it from the beginning to the end. I would put down a stroke and no, not right, wipe it out and do it again.

I went out plein air painting this morning, but didn't finish the painting. I walked down into a canyon and forgot my tubes of paint, so it was a little scimpy on the paint. I borrowed from a friend, but you only want to borrow so much. I got enough done to finish it in the studio, except my camera battery went dead. So, I used my friend's camera. She just emailed me the photos tonight. Tomorrow I'll finish painting it. One of those days.

I have openings for my one day plein air workshop at the Superstitions on April 15. If you are interested email me or go to my website.

I'll be back here tomorrow with that plein air painting.
See ya, Becky

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