Tuesday, July 26, 2011

cloudscape, blue skies oil landscape painting by BECKY JOY

"Almost Heaven" 6x6 oil on canvas panel. $150. click here to purchase.
Hi everyone,
Today I want to talk about rich, thick, gooey paint, which is so fun to paint with. I love the textural quality of oil paints. For years I painted in watercolor, but I eventually went back to oils. I have always loved working with clay and sculpture. At once time I had a kiln and used to make hand built pottery and sculpture. I have always felt that oil paints gives me that tactile, sculptural quality and the color that I really missed in clay. Oil paint gives me the time to play in the paint.  I bet that is something that you didn't know about me!
There are a lot of varying grays in this painting which makes the pure blues and yellows stand out, giving it more of a glow. Painting is all about variety to me, variety in texture, brush strokes, sizes, etc. You get the idea. In fact, I wrote an article, Opposites Attract, about that subject using it in composition.
I intend to focus my blog on teaching and painting advise. If any of you have questions or would like me to write about anything that you are interested in, email me, let me know.
Becky Joy

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