Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farm Field oil landscape by BECKY JOY

FLOWER FIELD oil 12x16

Hi on this great Tuesday,

The weather is starting to cool down here in Phoenix now. It was a wonderful morning to sit outside for breakfast. Lots of interesting clouds to look at too. And you know, that's one of the things that I love to paint. I check out the clouds every day, but this morning I was also sitting watch the ants. Interesting critters. Amazing how they work together.

Today was a day of pulling out some old paintings an retouching, redoing, whatever they needed. This one needed work on the field. I had too bright of greens and too few flower in the painting. It just wasn't working for me. It was a little garish in the color. I wanted it a warmer, softer color with more flowers to make it more exciting. The flowers add more depth to the scene and give you a visual path to lead you into it. It's the kind of painting that you can get lost in with the imagination. Who lives in that house? What are all the buildings? Is it still in use? Any kids? It's a scene that could be almost anywhere. Where does it look like to you?

Talk to you all later.

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