Saturday, September 7, 2013

Becky Joy Fine Art rocks and water oil landscapes

LAKE ROCKS 9x12 oil 

THE SOURCE 9x12 oil  
I finally had a good day painting. I had had two days of wipe outs, then finally.....
Both of these are from images from Colorado. "The Source" I had painted in plein air a couple of years ago, but wasn't thrilled with it. So, it was start all over and paint again. My painting has evolved considerably in the last couple of years. I threw the other away, yuck! Anybody that knows me, knows that I love rocks. Even to the point of taking geology in college, so interesting to me. I guess it goes hand-in-hand with history and anthropology which I find facinating.

I am quitting the daily painter originals site that I belong to, I felt that I was being pulled into too many directions and needed to step back and keep my eye on my goals. I will still be painting daily, but I wanted to focus on some larger paintings. I felt that I was getting to the point of just turning out small paintings for the sake of small paintings. I need to focus on quality. Some of my paintings will still be small ones, but not as many as I had been doing (actually, the amount had been waning lately).

Watch for my ads starting in the June issue of American Art Collector magazine. I will be advertising for the next year with 1/4 page ads about every other month. I knew at some point I was going to start advertising, but I kept waiting thinking I'll wait until I get better or the next painting, etc. I have a well known artist friend that told me "it was time". I would continue to keep improving and I needed to get going on it and quit waiting. So, I jumped. Several, years ago I started ads in SW Art for a year. It went well, I sold 5 ptgs from 6 ads. (I know, you don't place ads to sell, but its a nice thought) Anyway, its a whole different market now and I certainly cann't expect that kind of response. This is the beginning of long range exposure. Below is the ad that will be coming out. Watch for it!
Talk to you later, Becky Joy

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