Saturday, September 7, 2013

Colorado mountain scene oil paintings by BECKY JOY

8x10 oil The Ranch Road $600. click to purchase

Clear Creek, oil 8x10 

Well, I know that I made it through  the day. How about you? Did you see anything happen out of the ordinary? I thought I would spend posibly my last day doing what I love to do and of course, that is to paint and paint and paint. Both of these painting are from scenes in Colorado. I started with a photo of a dirt road and then my imagination took over. Where should that road go? To a ranch, of course. That seemed logical to me, although it's obviously not a well traveled road.

The second painting is from a photo that I took at Piney Lake close to Aspen, CO. I've always loved the stream with the clear water and the rocks and muddy bottom showing through the water. And I know it was muddy. I had to step into it with my bare feet and try it out. Of course, it's cold mountain water and mud that I was sucked into. I was painting at this location about 4 years ago and took some photos as the day progressed. The plein air painting is long gone. I changed the scene a little by opening it up in the background and adding the mountains. I felt that the shape of the stream begged for more distance and atmosphere. So, I obliged.

I hope that you are enjoying the photos of the progression of my paintings in my videos and previous posts. I will have to post more of them.

I'll talk to you all tomorrow. I'm assuming that we have a tomorrow. I know that I am looking forward to it.

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