Friday, September 13, 2013

Carmel Mission Wall, 8x6 oil painting by Stevie Denny

Last Spring I visited the Monterey area, and since I'm visiting all of the California missions I went to two missions that were close by:  Mission San Juan Bautista and Mission Carmel.  When I visited Carmel to do some plein air painting, I found that the mission was being renovated, so there were huge scaffolds on one of the basilica's domes.  Another complication was that some signature members of the California Art Club were there that day to paint as well.  I thought it might be pretty difficult to paint the scaffolding, and I sure didn't want to embarrass myself among this illustrious group of painters, so I settled on painting the exterior wall that had some nice foliage and shadows.  It was a wonderful day, and so nice to meet so many very accomplished painters.

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