Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Roses, 8x8 oil painting by Stevie Denny

Summer Roses
8x8 oil painting
on archival Raymar panel

I recently painted these roses at a session with my friend Krista Eaton, picked fresh from her garden.

While I was putting on the final touches back at my own studio, I had just finished and was moving this painting from my easel to a shelf. Somehow it slipped from my hands and landed face-down on the floor.  Since we have two dogs, of course it picked up some of their fur.  It seems like the fur never goes away, no matter how often we vacuum.  I carefully removed as much of the loose hair as I could with a soft brush, but it's safe to say that Missy and Chewy have contributed something to this painting, too!

This painting may be purchased through an online auction at

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